WHACK is a community that supports women in tech. This Spring's theme is Hacking the Glass Ceiling.

WHACK is a community that supports women in tech. We're focused on supporting women and diversity in technology, mentor based experiences, and our theme this February is "Hacking the Glass Ceiling."

Here's a guide to help you submit your project: bit.ly/hackathon-submissions

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Undergraduate students. Teams of 2-5 students can qualify for prizes.


Kristin Ruben

Kristin Ruben

Amanda McDermott

Amanda McDermott

Karyn Benson

Karyn Benson
Akamai Technologies

Judging Criteria

  • Project Concept
    How interesting/innovative is the idea of this project?
  • Implementation
    How well does this project implement its goals?
  • Impact
    What is the potential scalability of this project?